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Your Product Development Partner from idea to implementation 

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We are a UK based design and engineering company who are passionate about developing new things. We integrate with our clients and we like to keep our ethos simple. 

  • Design sustainably 

  • Put customers first

  • Be brave - take on new challenges.

Working with people is our philosophy.

Whether you're a start up company, small local business or major blue-chip corporation, we'd love to work with you and we believe that having this varied mix of clients gives us the experience to tailor projects to meet your needs.


At Element we can manage the contract from initial ideation through the manufacturing process to ensure total quality for you and your clients.

Product Design

At Element, we have been designing products and accessories for over a decade. 

We are completely flexible and let you decide how far on the journey you want us to come with you. We can provide just concepts or take it to realistic render level for investor pitches.

We can even create prototypes and arrange tooling for manufacturing.


Please get in touch to discuss product design applications. 

Marine Design

From Concept to Reality, we are leading specialists in small fast craft design.


Working with global marine manufacturers, Element encompasses the design philosophy of each company to deliver bespoke concepts for tenders and leisure craft. 

Our designs have been manufactured for tenders to super yachts built by the likes of Feadship, Amels, Burgess, Damen, Aberking Rasmussen. We have designed support craft to America’s cup challengers UK and USA along with the TP52 race series, as well as having designed RIBs for the likes of Necker Island and Eleven Experience. 

Whether it is full boat, specific components or accessories, we are happy to help. 

3D Printing Machine


A different approach, using traditional and new methods of manufacturing and materials.

At Element we understand that traditionally made products using artisan techniques is brilliant.

We also believe that where customers want to look at alternatives, we can advise them on the very latest manufacturing technologies which can save time, money and waste. 

Additive manufacturing

(3D Printing)

Rapid Prototyping

Carbon Fibre

Generative Designed Manufacturing


3D Scanning

3D Scanning is becoming a really important part of our business. Using state of the art mobile 3D scanning equipment, we can ensure our designs fit first time leaving no questions for concern during the manufacturing and installation period, saving our customers time and money in post manufacture modifications. 

Our 3D scanner and software also allow us to service aftermarket requirements where we can retrofit new components to original items with pinpoint accuracy. 

This technology is perfect for custom modifications, reverse engineering legacy products and enabling mould tools to be manufactured to high accuracy against the original scanned product.


Great if you want to replace a component like-for-like and the OEM no longer supplies or we can design custom components for you, from bicycle helmets through to carbon wing mirrors, bumpers or full body designs! 


Engineering bespoke solutions is part of our expertise. 

Our capabilities go far beyond aesthetically interesting  designs. 

We are able to design and engineer products that are made to last and we have the technology to be able to test the durability of our designs utilising the latest FEA analysis software. 

We have a long history in research and development, rapid prototyping and liaising with manufacturers to deliver the best product to specification. 


Our Socials

Please feel free to follow us on Instagram to see more content about what we do. 

Due to the nature of most of our customers business and the fact that we are heavily involved in the design and development of new products, it does limited the amount of content we can share due to intellectual property rights.


Don't worry though, we will share what we can so stay tuned!

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