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Sustainable Design is No Longer Optional

We live in Dorset, an area with some of the best and most diverse coastline in the UK, therefore is really important to all of us at Element Creative that we keep the sea, its inhabitants and users as protected from human impact as we can. 
Ecomar Propulsion asked us to design and develop their modular 180hp equivalent electric outboard and its controls - their aim being to reduce maritime greenhouse gas emissions by 10 million tonnes within 10 years. 
It was a project that we were incredibly excited to be a part of and we could tell from the beginning that having common and aligned values were key to its success. 

Key design features:
Modular design, for ease of reparability and service
Highest level of recyclability of any outboard on the market
IP67 Rated
Robust yet functional - designed for commercial applications
Sealed Bearings - prevent any harmful chemicals entering the sea
Large propeller, take advantage of additional torque from Electric Motor

Overall EOL recyclability - 96%

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