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Dual Car Charger

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Why do car chargers look like something that belong on a spaceship?

The reason (we guess) is that they are designed to look like an extension of our cars, not of our houses. This confuses us as most chargers are permanently mounted to the house. 

So we decided to design one made from recycled materials that you'd expect to find within a domestic house or garden. 

The surge in popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) has led to an increasing number of households adopting sustainable transportation solutions. However, the rise of dual-EV households presents a unique challenge - the limited availability of charging infrastructure, particularly in domestic settings and small offices. This problem becomes more pronounced when a household possesses two electric cars but only one charging station.

As the demand for EVs grows, the necessity for convenient and efficient charging solutions becomes critical. Dual-EV households face the dilemma of allocating charging resources between vehicles, often leading to scheduling conflicts, inconvenience, and potential conflicts among family members or colleagues sharing the charging infrastructure.

The amp. 7kW electric charger has the capability to charge two EVs at once. It has two type 2 connections that can retract and are stored within the housing to reduce the clutter of cables being on show. 

The charger has on board intelligent power monitoring and management to ensure power draw remains within the maximum that a domestic system can provide. 

amp. is app controlled and has bidirectional charging capabilities. 

Overall EOL recyclability - 88%

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