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The whole team at Element Creative love being outdoors and adventuring, so when TentBox came to us and asked us to develop a new platform product for them, we were very excited! 

The brief for the TentBox GO was to develop an entry level product which is targets a new market for them. 
The target in this case is for real adventurers who need the bare minimum in order to go and explore. Comfortable for one but able to accommodate two.

The product needed to be fast to pop up,  lightweight and also able to be disassembled for storage. 
Inspired by rock climbers portaledges, we achieved this with a simple hammock design around an aluminium tubular frame. it will go from stored to open in 30 seconds. 

Weight came in at 25kg, half the weight of their next lightest roof tent and can be disassembled and stored when not in use. 
This was a great project which was the start of a fantastic relationship with TentBox.

TentBox GO

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