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Element Creative are a Dorset (UK) based design and engineering consultancy. Our team have the skills to take an idea or thought into a manufacturable product. 


We have crafted our design and development process over many years to streamline the journey and make the most efficient development path for our customers. 

Whilst designing efficiently is important to us, to understand what our customers really want and need is core to our philosophy. 

We are all passionate about reducing waste and using materials that are fit for the job, but can also be recycled, repurposed or reused. 

Our Mission

We’re carving a new path in how people think about design

  • Design sustainably 

  • Put customers first

  • Be bold. Be brave. - take on new challenges. 

We have collectively worked in a really wide variety of industries but never found satisfaction standing still. We see the world is changing and with that brings exciting opportunities for revolutionary products. 

Our approach to Design

We have always adopted a user centred design approach in all that we do. Technology is great, but if we don't consider how that technology will interact with users, it will struggle to be adopted by people. We have taken many technology led companies on this journey in order for them to embrace a user centred design philosophy from the start of their projects. 

Ideate.                          Iterate.                             Generate.                     Create.

Meet The Team

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