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Recent Projects

Welcome to the recent projects section. Whilst we strive to show some of the most recent projects that we've worked on, we are often limited in what we can show and therefore not able to show projects that are in currently in development or are awaiting patents or launches, so feel free to subscribe to our news feeds and socials to get the latest content and project updates as and when we are able to share them. 

We are incredibly excited to be working with Ecomar Propulsion Ltd, a Hampshire based start-up who are revolutionising the marine industry with hydrogen and electric propulsion systems. 

We have been working with Ecomar for over two years, initially on their high power electric outboard design and integration. Ecomar wanted us to deliver working prototypes for trials. This included getting some pretty serious 3D prints made. 

We are now working on lots of exciting projects together and are looking forward to supporting their multiple product launches and huge growth potential. 

Watch this space! 

Ecomar Propulsion

Scorpion RIBs

We recently undertook a project at Scorpion RIBs Ltd. The brief was that one of their customers wanted beach landing steps at the bow of the RIB, however they struggled to raise and lower the steps manually due to the weight and found no options available on the market. This was particularly demanding as their customer had already placed the order for the RIB so the design and engineering had to be completed within a very short lead-time. 


With a rich history in product automation, Element were happy to help and set to work designing and engineering a set of automatically retractable ladders. We utilised our 3D scanning technology to ensure first time fit and eradicate any complications during assembly to the RIB. 


The ladders were lifted using a marine grade electric actuator and were made from carbon to reduce weight further. They were designed to stow away within one of the onboard lockers. 

Utilising out 3D scanning capabilities, a customer wanted some new tooling designed for laying up Caterham 7 wheel arches and headlight bezels in carbon fibre. 

Our handheld mobile scanner was able to capture existing product with incredible accuracy allowing us to convert the scanned mesh into a model which we could then refine and optimise for the new manufacturing method. 

We produced the scanned data, product and mould tool models, as well as getting some tooling options quoted. The new tools reduces previous manufacturing time by over 60%. 

Caterham 7

Scorpion RIBs

Scorpion RIBs also came to us asking for a new centre console design and wanted us to take the design from ideation through to tooling. 

This console focussed on human centred design and low emission, high efficiency design which was backed up by CFD studies. 

As a specialist in GRP design for manufacture, we were happy to take this project on and the results speak for themselves. 

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